40 Days to Go!

So … Jonny and I only have 40 days to go until we set off on our journey of a lifetime! We leave for Sydney on the 27th December 2016 for sixth months of adventure!

Travel prep is fully underway, with only a few major things left to do. I thought it might be handy to write an update of where we are with our planning, and what is still left to do. This will hopefully help anyone else planning to go travelling. Or more realistically – highlight any key things we have missed!

Any recommendations or tips are greatly appreciated!

What we have done so far:

  • Booked and paid for our main flights: Heathrow to Sydney, Melbourne to Christchurch, Auckland to Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok to Dubai, Dubai to Sydney.
  • Accommodation in Sydney – Luckily we have a friend living out in Sydney, so we have planned to stay with them for the first five days.
  • Booked our Greyhound bus up the East Coast
  • Booked our Campervan for New Zealand
  • Had all of our travel vaccinations (ouch)
  • Found people to rent out of flat for 6 months

What we still have to do:

  • Get our holiday Visa for Australia (Getting this done tonight!)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Getting a travel friendly credit card
  • Buy rucksacks … and pack!
  • Smaller flights – we will be doing these a long the way, being flexible incase our plans change at all.
It still doesn’t feel real that we are leaving in 40 days! We are moving out of our Bristol flat next week, and living with respective parents for our last month, just to save a few extra pennies. I think then it will really hit us.
But for the meantime it’s time to save save save …
Put down the map and get wonderfully lost!

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