About Me

Hello & welcome to my adventure blog!

Firstly I just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU for taking your time to visit. You’re the best!

So who am I? Well .. I am a girl who loves to adventure and see the world! Simple.

However this wasn’t always the case … I used to hate going on walking holidays with my parents … “are we there yet!?”, “It’s cold”, “I’m bored!” as we are trekking in the Alps or summiting the highest peaks in the UK. I used to spend my time on these walks dreaming of going on a “normal” holiday – with a pool, a sun-lounger and hours of sunshine.

Fast forward 20 years and I am the one dragging my boyfriend for weekends away in the Lake District and have a need to explore new countries and cities all the time! Yes a relaxing holiday on the beach or by the pool is lovely (and needed every now and again!) … but I much prefer to explore, take on challenges and see what this amazing world has to offer.

This is my adventure blog – a place for me to share my travels and adventures with you.

Kathryn Elizabeth x


“Fill your life with adventures, not things…”